Meet Elastomer Additive Manufacturing (EAM)

Future of elastomers & 3D printing


Meet Silimac P250

Silimac P250 is a fully automatic elastomer 3D printer that can handle implant grade materials such as silicone, polyurethanes etc.

Meticulously designed for best output for applications in healthcare industry, especially implants.

Robust build quality ensuring long-term production making it a leading workhorse in the industry.

See it in action !

Implant Grade Material

  • All implant grade materials are biocompatible.
  • An Implant grade material has the highest standard of biocompatibility to ensure no health complication arises for short term and long term implantation inside the human body.

Biocompatible Material

  • All biocompatible materials are not Implant Grade.
  • Biocompatible but not implant grade materials can only be used for external applications.


Implant Grade

Capability of printing
high viscosity biomedical implant grade silicone


Machine can be
operated remotely via secure network

Real Time

Quick thermal crosslinking simultaneous with printing for faster production time


Precise Mixing and Metering

Capability of printing high
accuracy parts with excellent
surface finish


Robust product design
ready for clean room


Printing Technology Elastomer Additive Manufacturing (EAM)
Build Platform 250 x 250 x 250 mm
Print Resolution 50 micron
Material NuSil® MED-4830, Implant Grade LSR | NuSil® MED-4820, Implant Grade LSR | Silopren* LSR 2650
Bed Temperature 150 °C
Display 10.1" Touch Screen Display