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We strongly believe that delivery of any healthcare solution is not complete until people return to their lives in the same way they were before the onset of a medical problem. This becomes undeniably vital when it comes to women related problems as majority of the times most of the women tend to neglect themselves by putting everything else first. The foundation of a birth, a beginning is a woman. The essence of a woman is to be herself and to be comfortable in her own imperfections. We at feel that women should have the choice of not only looking good but also be confident of their bodies.

We have tried to bring some interesting stories of our brave breast cancer survivors in their own words. Even the doctors have been kind enough to contribute to our blogs with their in-depth knowledge on breast cancers. 

If you want to contribute to our blog about your breast cancer journey, please feel free to send us your write-up. If you know of anyone who is a breast cancer warrior or is an oncologist or psychologist who wants to contribute to our blog, please let them know that we ae ready discuss.

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