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Our value propositions

3D printed breast implants are not filled with any silicone gel or saline and hence are completely leakproof.

Absence of silicone gel or saline also allows surgeons to suture these implants freely to avoid any displacement/dislocation during or after the surgery.

3D printed are manufactured directly feeding the design to the EAM machine without using any mandrel/template. Hence, it has to become possible to personalized each product as per the normal side breast in terms of shape, size and contour.

3D printing also allows personalization in terms of weight so that body weight is distributed equally on both the sides and there is no imbalance.

Using 3D printing as the manufacturing process, we also personalize our products in terms of touch and feel. So you get the best and nothing else.

Need for personalization

In this era, when everyone of us is drinking coffee in a personalized mug having our name printed on it, it seems awkward if a woman had to explain why she needs a personalized breast implant or prostheses.

Think of it ! Would you wear a prosthetic eye that you bought from the ten available options and clearly smaller/larger than your eye on the other side? If you want, you can also wear an expensive sunglasses to hide it. How about an ear? Or a cheek prosthesis? If your answer is no, then should women need a personalized solution for breast reconstruction?

Our founder, Shilpi Sen asked the same questions to Dr. Jayanti Thumsi who has done more than 3500 breast surgeries in her 20 year long career and see for yourself what she answers.