Shilpi Sen

Co-Founder & CEO

About Shilpi Sen

Shilpi has 15 years of experience in corporate communication and business development. She has worked in various capacities including the Governments of India and the Netherlands. She is passionate about solving women & children related problems that still remain unaddressed, especially the ones resulting as an aftermath of an unfortunate disease. She is a recipient of NIDHI – Prayas, 2017 from Department of Science & Technology and awarded for the most original start-up by INFOCOMM in 2017.


Branding I Storytelling I Women empowerment I Healthcare I Travel.


Masters (Globalization & Development Studies), University of Maastricht, The Netherlands.

Vikas Garg

Co-Founder & CTO

About Vikas Garg

Vikas is a materials researcher by training and have worked on bio-compatibility of materials for retinal implants in his research. He is passionate about 3D printing for novel materials that he has developed while making DIY 3D printers in his hostel room. He likes to amalgamate his knowledge of materials with 3D printing which culminated in Prayasta. Prior to this, he worked for start-ups developing various kind of medical devices like dialysis machine, artificial liver and corneal implant etc.

Bio-materials I 3D Printing I Medical Devices I Regenerative Medicines I Photography

Masters (Material Science), Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research, Bengaluru.

Vikas Yadav


About Vikas Yadav

Vikas is a fungal molecular biologist and geneticist working at Duke University, NC, USA. He is exploring molecular and evolutionary biology to tackle the ever-increasing threat of fungal diseases to humans. He has been awarded INSA and NASI Young Scientist awards for his significant scientific contributions.

Macroscopic photography I Microscopic photography I Travel I Bake I Mentoring school children.

Ph.D. (Molecular Biology), Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research, Bengaluru, India.

Saurabh Sakhare

Firmware Engineer

About Saurabh Sakhare
Saurabh is an Embedded engineer by training and leads the development of the firmware along with user interface for 3D printers at Prayasta. He loves to play with embedded boards all the time and believes that no matter how high it can go, he can always ground it.

Embedded Software Development | Micro-Controllers | Linux | Device Drivers | Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS).

PG Diploma (Embedded Systems and Design), Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC), Pune.

Ganesh Jadhav

Design Engineer

About Ganesh Jadhav
Ganesh is a design engineer by training and really passionate about user centric design. He takes care of overall design aspects for 3D printers and breast prostheses at Prayasta. He believes in simplicity of design to make it more accessible to all and likes to approach each design with no bounds to creativity and imagination.

Sketching I  CAD modelling I Clay modelling I Explore Historic Places I Violin I Cricket.

M. Des (Industrial Design), VIT University Vellore, Tamil Nadu.