It was a usual Sunday, in the last week of March 2015, I was getting dressed to go to my regular session of ‘Sudarsan kriya’, from Art of Living, I felt a lump on my left breast. It was alarming but I never thought it would be serious as I am a regular morning walker, Yoga person, and practising meditation as well since 1990.

Thinking nothing serious can happen to me, we went on a family trip to Chandigarh and after we came back, I went to my gynaecologist who is also my friend. I told her about this lump and she suggested that I should get all my tests done. I took her advice and by evening of that fretful day, I was diagnosed with cancerous tumour on my left breast. I was very much shocked along with the rest of the family.

I started to read a lot on breast cancer while also searching for a good breast surgeon. I was guided by one of my students whose husband is a doctor for Dr Ramesh Sarin in Apollo Hospital. So started my journey for cancer treatment. Dr sarin got all my tests done like Pet MRI, radiological tests etc and my report said I was in the 2nd stage with ER, PR positive which requires a treatment which is very expensive. I asked the doctor whether a 65-year lady should spend so much money on her breast cancer treatment. She patiently advised me that it’s worth spending on the breast cancer treatment and she assured me that with positive thinking and proper medical procedures I might be able to defeat breast cancer.

Within a week my one and only surgery was carried out. Throughout the procedure and tests, I was continuously chanting ‘Om Namah Shivay’. Somehow, I did not feel any pain during and even after surgery.

I continued my ‘Sudarsan kriya’ from the first day of my surgery and I did not see even a single drop of blood. I was at home after 3-4 days and started going back to school where I was teaching. After a few days I started with the chemotherapy sessions and they were scary. The after effects of each chemotherapy is very challenging. I faced difficulty in eating, had a loss of hair, and sometimes I was badly fatigued. My chemotherapy sessions usually used to be on Saturdays and though I was drained out at times still I never missed my sessions of ‘Sudarsan Kriya’ on Sunday mornings for two hours. On Mondays, I normally used to join the school back.

I believe that all my strength, stamina was from my regular yoga, meditation and walk, though now I walk comparatively slow. Also, strong emotional support from my family especially from my son who really looked after my diet and helped me to cope-up with the side effects and face the trauma bravely.  

I continued with my tuition batches as well since I could not leave my class XII students halfway through their academic session. This is what kept me going strong and forgetting about me for a while. 

I also attended a few sessions of Sister Shivani that were organised by Apollo Hospital, that further boosted my morale and helped me in gaining further self-confidence and positive attitude.

My treatment continued for one year and after that I had follow ups every three months and now every six months. I still take one medicine daily that I need to continue for another two years along with MRI, Xray’s and other tests that need to be done as and when my doctor advises. I am leading my life normally like anyone. 

Basically, what is required to fight this deadly disease, is a proper diet, regular yoga, morning walk, meditation which gives you strong will power. All these cannot be achieved without the support of family. 

Nothing is impossible, once you decide and are firm with positive thoughts.


Mrs. Veena Bajaj

Veena Bajaj is MSc. Chemistry and B.Ed She has been teaching Chemistry since 1973. She started her career as a PGT Chemistry in Army Public School Dhaulakuan, Delhi and was there till 1980. She then joined SFS and retired in 2010. At present, she is a part time teacher in Indira Ideal Sr. Secondary School, Delhi. She also takes private tuitions. She is passionate about yoga, exercise and meditation. Her hobbies include singing and playing sudoku and spending some quality time with her grandchildren.


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